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CB/1 Issue: Detect default item name from Application.cfc

Name: Detect default item name from Application.cfc
ID: 3
Project: CB/1
Type: Enhancement
Area: Administration
Severity: Normal
Status: Open
Related URL:
Creator: Seb Duggan
Created: 09/04/10 5:57 AM
Updated: 09/25/10 5:54 AM
Description: It would be great if CB/1 could detect from the Application.cfc framework settings what the default item name is - so when generating the section and view, the default view has the correct name - e.g. list.cfm rather than default.cfm.
History: Created by sebduggan (Seb Duggan) : 09/04/10 5:57 AM

Comment by sebduggan (Seb Duggan) : 09/04/10 6:02 AM
This would also apply to the default method name in the controller.

Comment by fingerskier (Matt Currier) : 09/25/10 5:54 AM
This is on my list but I think it will require a completely custom UI because there doesn't seem to be a way to get those values before the IDE_config.xml comes into play.

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