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In the FW/1 context menu you should see these selections:

  • Add an Item
  • Rename an Item
  • Add a Section
  • Add a Sub-System
  • Create Project Skeleton

Adding an Item:
You can choose the item name and to what framework parts it should be added. You also have the option to generate cfscript (the default) or tags. This will create methods for your controller and service components (if you checked those boxes) and CFMs for your layout/view (if checked). Blank methods are appended to these components. Service components are not given any arguments by default (controllers get the standard 'rc' argument).

Renaming an Item:
You can rename items by right-clicking on a view or layout CFM. If it's possible to show CFC functions in the Navigator view then that will be added later. Simply put in the new item name the extension will rename controller & service methods, and layout & view CFMs.

Adding a Section:
Similar to adding an item you can add whichever framework pieces you desire and generate cfscript of cfml. This creates the proper sub-directories and populates them with default components and modules.

Adding a Sub-System:
Adding a sub-system creates a directory with the given name and populates it with default sections and items. Again, you can choose which pieces you need and script/noscript.

Create Project Skeleton:
The project skeleton consists of an Application.cfc and a framework.cfc; By default it does not create any other framework pieces for you (assuming that you will use sub-systems). If you check 'Basic App' then you will get /controllers, /services, /layouts, and /views directories in the root with the default files in them.

Please contact me if you have issues. I created this extension for my own use and am very interested in any bugs that crawl out of the woodwork or enhancement ideas/suggestions you may have: to get info goto your extensions view (Eclipse view that is) and click CB/1, then the 'get info' icon.

Please direct questions about FW/1 or it's usage to the talk-list: http://http://groups.google.com/group/framework-one/ While I, with my limited knowledge and experience, would love to help...it is for the benefit of all that such discussions happen in the public list where more experienced developers can chime in and moderate.

Furthermore, I am assuming that your usage of this extension means that you are an advanced user. Understand that this extension is perpetual-beta software and does alter the files in your project and may very well cause unexpected, hair-pulling, teeth-gnashing disasters.

Future Plans:

  • Pull default action names from application.cfc (if they're there); as well as other FW/1 config options.
  • Ability to rename sections
  • Download latest framework version instead of including it with the extension
  • Add an optional dot-path for the framework.cfc install location (using create-skeleton)
  • Create a FW/1 ColdFusion project (if possible...)

Rainy-Day Plans:

  • Add CFC introspection for adding/renaming items in controllers/services (if possible)
  • testing interface to pull action URLs and introspect rc/view